Roley Leyson

Roley Leyson is a dance enthusiast, educator, student, supporter and founder of 88dancewpg - an in person and online dance training business established in October of 2020. Roley currently teaches online HipHop, Party Steps, and Street Dance classes that focus on freestyle, foundation, and basic move vocabulary. With three years of dance training and performing while living in Japan (2017-2020), Roley has gained international dance education and experience from some of Japan’s top dancers and teachers while visiting dance studios and joining events. He has performed in multiple events and continues to train with dance teachers in Japan. Roley values professional development. He participates in weekly HipHop classes with world-reknown Buddha Stretch and Uko Snowbunny (August 2020 to present), while recently studying under Mr. Wigglez (November 2020 to present) and Chrybaby Cozie (November 20200 to present). Roley recently participated in two workshops: 1) Art of Popping Camp (November 2020) featuring world renown dancers like Mr. Wiggles, Jaja Vankova, Hozin, Dokyun, Blondy, and Seen, and 2) Lemoovement Online Marathon Fundraiser (November 2020) to support Street Dance Originals featuring instructors like Buddha Stretch, Popin Pete and Salah. Roley also performed at Muse’s Virtual Showcase “Isolation” (November 2020) which featured dancers across Canada. Roley also recently finished a five week HipHop history course (November 2020 - December 2020) with Montreal’s Bboy Afternoon to study the five elements of HipHop in more detail and deepen his understanding of HipHop culture’s deep history. Roley’s informal dance training began with his participation in cultural and social dance events as a young child. Roley is a Filipino Canadian and always participated in his culture’s Ati-Atihan - a yearly festival of street dance and social dance. From dance socials, family events, and cultural milestone celebrations like seventh birthdays and debuts, Roley’s love and foundation for social dance and freestyle was set.

Roley’s formal training began as an adult. He joined Un1te Dance Company in 2007 and Project Company in 2010. He competed in Edmonton’s Artist Emerge (national street dance competition), Winnipeg’s In The Zone (national dance competition), Winnipeg’s Believe The Hype (national all styles dance battle), with his participation in

HipHop International 2015 in San Diego being his most notable accomplishment. He also trained with Salsa Explosion (2015 - 2017) to learn various latin dances, such as Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, Merengue, and Chachacha.

Roley has worked extensively as a director and dance educator within the public school system. From 2011-2017 Roley founded, created, and directed multiple middle years/ high school/ community dance crews including H.C Avery’s Reverse, Project Hype, and HYPE Ohana. These middle school/ high school/ community dance crews participated in both local and national dance events with HYPE Ohana winning multiple awards and categories while competing in Edmonton’s Artist Emerge. He also hosted multiple dance summer intensives and workshops featuring dancers from around Winnipeg, Canada and around the world. He also organized and hosted various youth dance contests and choreography challenges.

Roley’s passion for social dance, dance history, and dance education has been the guiding principles on his dance journey. Roley is an avid supporter of dance workshops, showcases, contests, battles and social events. He continuously listens to dance interviews by dance pioneers and originators to deepen his understanding of street dance culture and history. Roley continues to build bonds with dancers in Winnipeg, in New York, as well as in Japan with goals of future collaborations in dance education. Roley continues to professionally develop and deepen his dance foundation by learning from various street dance masters and practitioners; he uses this knowledge to refine and develop his own teaching pedagogies/ curriculums. With the motto of “Dance. Relax. Enjoy!” Roley hopes to encourage all people to learn the basics of street dance and enjoy the vibes from dancing both individually and socially.