Muse Studios COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

MUSE is a home for artists and creatives.  We offer a safe space for dancers to grow and chase their dreams while having fun! 

Our community is diverse with instructors that specialize in a wide spectrum of disciplines.  While many artists that teach are involved with the hip hop community, our studio has hosted classes in other styles such as contemporary, jazz funk, as well as dancehall. 

Our mission is to provide affordable, professional and highly effective dance training to a wide range of clients that cut across different demographics. Young, old, beginner, and professionals, we welcome all aspiring dancers to come and build towards their personal goals.

Like many other businesses, the COVID-19 Pandemic has put strain on our business operations.  Multiple lock downs and public health restrictions have prevented our small business from being able to generate revenue for our basic overhead expenses.  We are raising funds to help bridge our business through the financial burden that we are currently facing.

We are reaching out to any and all potential supporters who can lend a helping hand!  The funds raised through this go fund me will be used to help cover our commercial lease payments, utility bill payments, and instructor pay.

MUSE Studios is determined to survive the pandemic and your contribution will help us achieve this goal!  Thank you to all who have shown us support through these challenging times!