Matthew Mapue

Matthew Mapue is known for his artistry and power.  He has been a force in the Winnipeg dance community since 2013.  He has choreographed and co-lead teams such as PRDG, ProdiGALs and QVC under ProjectFAM and as well, Vanguard. And started teaching classes locally in 2015.

Matt has trained and competed nationally: Release Dance Competition (Vancouver); R2D Dance Competition (Toronto); Artists Emerge (Edmonton) where he received a scholarship and several local dance competitions as well as internationally: training at several studios in LA; Dancer’s Paradise (Mexico); World of Dance (Chicago & Orange County) and World Supremacy Battlegrounds (Australia) receiving 1st place at the International Prelims and 2nd place at the World Finals.

Currently Matt is a member of MOTUS the company under the direction of Diana Matos.