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About Us

Muse is a dance training facility in Winnipeg dedicated to hip hop and urban dance styles. Our goal is to provide exceptional and authentic training in all street styles, featuring the absolute best instructors that the city has to offer. We strive to introduce, promote, and educate dancers with techniques and history in all styles related to hip hop while specializing in urban dance choreography. We are passionate about providing dancers with a home and a positive learning atmosphere so they may reach their fullest potential both on and off stage. Muse Urban Dance Studio is focused on facilitating growth within Winnipeg’s dance community through our programs, events, competitions, & workshops.



Our Mission

To provide affordable, professional and highly effective dance training to a wide range of clients that cut across different demographics. Young, old, beginner, and professionals, we welcome all aspiring dancers to come and build towards their personal goals.

Focusing on the arts through love and appreciation for the hip hop culture, Muse invites visual and performing artists to share and project their creations to the rest of the world. Muse’s foundation is based on the visual art of dance and movement through urban and hip hop styles where individuals have the opportunity to learn foundation, freestyling, & choreography. Through various types of classes, Muse’s goal is to push the growth of the urban & hip hop dance communities in Winnipeg.